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Do many people use Udo’s Oil for weight loss? If so, how can it work having 29g of fat in two tablespoons?
Most of us have been educated into believing that low fat/no fat diets are good for us. Actually, the most accurate way of looking at fat intake, is that the average person needs about 2000 calories per day to maintain health, with the corresponding amount of exercise etc.  Of these 2000 calories, 30% (600 calories) are supposed to come from good nutritional fats. 

Since 1 Tbsp of Udo's Oil™ is only 135 calories, it means that the RDA of the oil (2 Tbsp) is only 270 calories of your daily fat calorie allowance.  This means you are far below your recommended daily fat intake, and you have some room for foods with fat in them, or some butter, or olive oil if you want it.

If you have been accustomed to a very low fat, or no fat diet, it is entirely possible that you could gain weight.  What needs to be understood is that excess weight primarily comes from taking in too many refined carbohydrates, such as the ones high in starch, as well as refined sugars or white flour.  A carbohydrate, when broken down by the body into glucose is what the body uses for fuel.  If the intake of fuel is higher than what is burned, the result will be weight gain.

The other point to remember, when consuming Udo's Oil™, is that you also will be getting the essential fatty acids (EFA's) that are absolutely integral to the proper functioning of every cell in your body, especially the brain and nerve cells.  This is the main reason for taking in oils high in EFA's.

How do EFA's affect weight loss?
n-3 can turn off the "fat-making" gene, and turn on the "fat-burning" gene, but carbohydrate intake needs to be reduced drastically.  Carbohydrates are converted into glucose in the body, which is the "immediate" fuel our cells use to create energy. If more fuel is supplied than is needed for energy at that time, the balance of the fuel will be transformed into a "storage" form of fuel, which means it becomes fat.

What if I just add flax oil to my diet
Rather than adding flax oil, which has a 4:1 balance of n-3 to n-6; it would be much healthier to eliminate sources of damaged n-6: commercial, readily available cooking and salad oils, as well as fried foods.  Our diet has changed in the last 50 years to the extent that many of our foods are now fried in vegetable oils. In traditional cooking, foods were boiled, baked or roasted. Fried foods were originally prepared with hard fats like butter. For good health, take a serious look at how your foods are prepared.


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